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One such guideline is the location on where the structure is to be built or the use of the land. Numerous factors such as climate, landscape, topography, neighboring structures and many others all have an effect on the effectiveness of green architecture. Green structures should be built in dense urban structures so as to prevent the minimization of open spaces and preserve wildlife habitats. Another guideline they also added is available energy sources in the vicinity. One of the most common energy sources in the surroundings is the sun but there are many other sources. Other examples are the wind and geothermal energy.

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Also, global warming leads to other problems such as rising temperatures. Green Architecture, if implemented effectively can offer a solution to this problem. Green Architecture is a micro perspective that focuses on the health, safety and well-being of a person in the environment while sustainable architecture is a macro perspective that addresses the health and well-being of the global ecosystems that support life for both the current and future generations. Conventional buildings produce thirty percent of the annual greenhouse gas emissions.

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Category: Sustainable Building Essays On Sustainable Architecture Environment Essays; Title: Green Architecture.

Recommendation: A. According to the resources that we have green architecture has a low cost. They are kind of building that use the power of sun in order to meet the energy needs and to reduce global warming. One of the resources talks give example like an Indian. The resources explain what Indian people use fortheir house and it shows safe from building illnesses. Other resources explaining about having a conventional architecture and the result of having this. Almost all the resources that we have is about the advantage and what green architecture all about.

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Green architecture also encourages recycling available materials which can lower the need for using limited natural resources. Since green architecture uses environmental-friendly materials and concepts, these produce lesser pollution and conserve energy as well. And in the long run, lower carbon emissions thereby reducing the effect of global warming which is one of the worst environmental problems the world is currently facing. Like conventional architecture, green architecture needs to follow certain guidelines in order to meet the standards.

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The hotel is an extension of the surrounding high-tech business park; a vibrant business hub combined with a relaxing abode after work. Architecture and landscape are integrated into the enjoyment of Bangalore's mild climate. A naturally ventilated rooftop bar opens out onto landscaped gardens that form part of a green roof. Rainwater is harvested for landscape irrigation. Composition of highly reflective dark/light tinted glass alludes to the memory of the original site and achieves OTTV values without compromising room views. Andreas Klok Pedersen is Partner and Design Director of BIG Copenhagen. He is Partner-in-Charge of a number of BIG’s competitions, master plans and large-scale projects in Europe and Asia. Most recently, Andreas has led the prize-winning competitions for the PARC research center in Paris, Basel Transitlager, Greenland National Gallery of Art and the Shenzhen Energy Mansion as well as the ongoing regional planning project the Loop City. His projects also count the Urban Future Award research project for Audi, the carbon neutral Zira Island in Azerbaijan, Tamayo Museum, Ren People’s Building, Lego Towers, Kløvermark, Scala Library, Arlanda Hotel and BIG’s contribution to the Venice Biennale in 2004 and 2010. In addition to managing competitions and concept development at BIG, Andreas runs an Architecture studio at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and lectures internationally on BIG’s current research and projects. Andreas was Guest-Professor at the AHO School of Architecture in Oslo Norway in the fall 2011.