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With many more effects caused by alcohol, vitamin deficiency is primary the popular know cause of the excess of drinking. Folate deficiency occurs in the majority of binge-drinking alcoholics and is a common cause of anemia. Inadequate dietary intake, intestinal malabsorption, and impaired folate storage in the liver all contributes to folate deficiency. Alcohol ingestion also interferes with vitamin B 12 absorption. Deficiencies of the two vitamins cause large-cell (megaloblastic) anemia. Thiamine deficiency may occur in long-term alcohol users as a consequence of both inadequate ingestion and malabsoprtion of the vitamin. With severe deficiency, major brain disturbance or alcoholic psychosis emerges (Korsakoff syndrome). Thiamine replacement corrects the grosser dysfunctions of the brain and it has been proposed that alcoholic beverages be fortified with thiamine as a means of preventing this syndrome.

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effects of excessively drinking alcohol can be extremely serious, or even fatal. One physical effect of alcoholism is causing...

Unfortunately, available literature concerning the issue of homelessness and alcoholism was not comprehensive. Therefore, research was necessary to help establish the relationship between homelessness and alcoholism. Most of the available literature mainly concentrated on prevalence of alcohol use among the homeless. The literature did not give sufficient details on the causes, reasons for and effects of alcoholism on the homeless. The research would help establish the relationship that existed between homelessness and alcoholism. The research would also help establish the reasons for the high prevalence of alcoholism among the homeless.

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Drinking alcohol is like taking a drug. It is Essays On Alcohol Consumption a form of drug abuse, There are good Essays On Alcohol Consumption effects of alcohol if Essays On Alcohol Consumption it is in small amounts, and in moderation. On Essays On Alcohol ConsumptiEssays On Alcohol Consumption on the other hand

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Alcohol consumption clearly suppresses both the women’s innate as well as their adaptive immune systems. This means that it has adverse effects on the lives of women. Unless they take great care of themselves, this addicition will interfere with their healthful living. Any chronic alcohol consumption greatly reduces the ability of women’s white blood cells to engulf at a fast rate and to swallow any harmful bacteria that may pose a challenge to them. Those women who consume a lot of alcohol have to be aware of the fact that it also disrupts their bodies’ production of cytokines, which causes the latter to either start producing too much or even not enough of the needed chemical messengers. There is need for a balance between the amounts of cytokines in the body as an abundance of them can severely damage tissues. On the other hand, any lack of the cytokines can leave a woman open to many infections that may affect them (Keshavarzian & Iber, 2011).

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Women are always under severe exposure to germs and bacteria in their daily chores and endeavors. Luckily for them, all their immune systems are well placed to tackle any diseases and eventualities. Excessive consumption of alcohol always weakens the women’s immune system, making their body an easier target for any disease or virus. It is necessary that all women understand the effect excessive alcohol consumption has on their immune system in order to allow them to make decisions concerning the rates of alcohol consumption.

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Anything taken excessively can be harmful, so is the case with alcohol. To make these types of essays interesting, one should bring out facts and discoveries that have been made over the years. For instance the finding made in 1979 by the Royal college of Psychiatrists in London, who brought into notice that 4 pints of beer or 4 large measure of spirits or a standard bottle of wine cane be a safe consumption level and if one restricts oneself to such levels than the risk of a fatal damage or effect could be lessened.