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A-level Philosophy Design Argument essay Old and new mark scheme


The essay makes a number of good points and makes a number of decent attempts to evaluate throughout. This is the key to getting marks for this sort of essay, which explicitly asks for evaluation. The response is rather brief though. More arguments could be discussed, both to display knowledge and to give the students something more to talk about in their evaluation. The essay would be improved by making a clear attempt to weigh up the pros and cons of the arguments discussed and to attempt an overall conclusion. This is suggested by the essay question. As the question specifically asks one to evaluate the weaknesses of the design argument, the introductory material and explanations are irrelevant, further limiting the useful content of the essay. Focus on this would be required to get a top mark in the essay. It would also be ideal to offer an original argument as to whether the weaknesses are fatal overall or not to the argument.

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The cosmological argument for the existence of god In his Summa Theologiae Aquinas put forward five proofs The Design Argument For The Existence Of God Essay.