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Is Christmas too commercialised? Discuss and show two points of view. (10 marks) There is no doubt that Christmas has become more commercialised than any other religious festival in the world, but has this changed the true meaning of Christmas? This essay shall analyse different people points of view on whether Christmas has become too commercialised or not. A lot of pagan ideas have been incorporated into Christmas such as New Year resolutions, holy wreaths and a large feast, all these ideas based around everlasting life and time that should be spent with family, friends and kin. The sharing of religions is common throughout world religions. This can help preserve the religion although not in its "purest" form. Many Christians believe that the materialistic side of Christmas is causing the religious meaning to be lost. People are putting up decorations such as holly wreaths, angels or even nativity scenes with no knowledge of what they mean.

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Essay about Christmas Has Lost Its Meaning time with them singing songs, enjoying a meal and generally having a jolly old.

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